CEM-style 11+ Mock Exams in 2022

Our 2022 CEM-style 11+ mock exams prepare for the Slough Consortium and Kendrick 11+

Free, Unlimited Changes for Greater Flexibility and Peace of Mind

With Marie Redmond Tuition you can make as many amendments to your child’s 11+ mock exam session as you wish, at no extra cost, either to an alternative 11+ mock test paper or your booking date. It’s easy to make a change too, and you can do so by simply logging into your account. All we require is at least 72 hours’ notice before the date of the 11+ mock exam booking you wish to change.

Our COVID-19 Guarantee

If your child’s 11+ mock exam session is cancelled, you can choose to receive a refund or to reschedule (subject to test availability).

What Is the Difference Between Papers A, B and C?

Each of our mock exam papers are unique, so your child can sit as many as you wish.  This year we have three CEM-style exams, which are named papers A, B and C.  Each follow the CEM format but all of the questions are unique.  So the more papers your child sits, the more exam practice they will get.

How to Book Our 11+ Mock Exams


Pick your date and location for your 11+ mock exam. There are 3 unique CEM-style exam papers (A, B and C).


Your child will sit the 11+ mock exam in one of our carefully selected venues. The exam sessions will last for 2 hours & 30 minutes.


Following the completion of the 11+ mock exam, you will receive video feedback from Marie Redmond in under 48 hours!

Select Location

11+ Mock Exam Format

buckinghamshire and slough 11+ mock exam papers

  • All our CEM-style 11+ mock exam sessions are 2 hours 30 minutes long.
  • In line with both the CEM tests, Marie Redmond Tuition® 11+ mock exams consist of two separate test booklets.
  • The tests are multiple choice, with separate question papers and multiple-choice answer sheets.
  • Each 11+ mock test paper is approximately 50 minutes long (plus 10 minutes of practice questions), with a short break between the tests.
  • Our Slough and Kendrick 11 Plus mock exams are held in strict exam conditions at carefully selected locations.
  • In accordance with the actual test, we use pre-recorded audio to introduce the tests, to explain the instructions for each section and to guide the practice questions. After students attempt the practice questions, the audio reads out the answers.

We also offer GL Assessment-style 11+ mock exams.

11+ Mock Exam Feedback

In under 48 hours of the 11+ mock test session you will receive a secure login to access Marie Redmond 11+ Intelligent Video Learning®.

For every question your child answers incorrectly, you’ll receive:

  • Your child’s incorrect answers
  • A video by Marie Redmond MEd, showing the question, multiple choice options and a detailed explanation on how the question should have been answered

You’ll have full control over the videos, and your child can watch them as many times as they wish before they sit their final test in the autumn.

 New for 2022! 
Thanks to our new and unique marking system, QuickMark® by Marie Redmond, we can now share critically important insights (where relevant to your child), that could make all the difference to their 11+ outcome; such as poor concentration levels, general behaviour and incorrect answer sheet marking technique. And as the name suggests, we’ll soon be delivering results faster than ever!

buckinghamshire and slough 11+ mock exam papersYou’ll also receive: 

  • Your child’s score for each section
  • The score for each paper
  • Overall score
  • Our suggested pass mark for the exam, based on previous pupils’ performance
  • Separate comparison tables showing anonymised scores:
    • For students who sat the exam with your child
    • For all students from previous years

As Close as Possible to the Actual Exams

11+ mock studentOne of our core aims is to get as close to the real exam papers as possible. That’s why, each and every year, we meet with students in order to gain useful insights into the actual exams. During these meetings we have in-depth discussions about the types of questions they encountered, including any new types that hadn’t been seen previously.

In addition, we also discuss the timing of sections and the layout of the papers and answer sheets. Following our feedback sessions, we annually adapt our 11+ mock exam papers to ensure your child is thoroughly prepared, and on course to achieve the best grades.

Feedback from students

In 2021 our students reported that Marie Redmond Tuition’s 11+ mock exams were very similar to the actual test. The prevailing view was that the 11+ mock tests were ‘just like taking a mock exam’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Marie Redmond Tuition offer 11+ mock exams online?

No, we do not offer 11+ mock exams online because the real exam is not taken on a computer. All of our 11+ mock exams take place in carefully selected venues under real exam conditions.

How similar are your 11+ mock exams to the actual Berkshire tests?

Marie Redmond Tuition® Mock Exams are designed to be as close as possible to the actual exams. Each year we meet with many of our students a week after they sit the CEM test to gain useful insights into the exams. We have in-depth discussions about the types of questions they encountered, including any new types that hadn’t been seen previously. We also discuss the timing of sections and the layout of the papers and answer sheets. Following our feedback sessions, we annually adapt our papers to ensure your child is thoroughly prepared. Although we don’t know exactly what’s going to be in the next exams, the detailed insights gained in these feedback sessions are invaluable and ensure that our 11+ mock exams remain as close as possible to the real thing.

Are Marie Redmond Tuition’s 11+ mock exams held in exam conditions?

Yes. Our 11+ mock exams are held in strict exam conditions and administered by professional, DBS checked invigilators. Pre-recorded audio is used to explain the instructions, guide the practice questions and to provide time prompts.

What parents say about our 11+ mock exams

  • Thank you very much for the mock test results. He is delighted with the score, and his improvement too. We would like to thank you for the help you have given him. As you know, my main aim was for him to feel more confident and well prepared for the test, which he certainly is now – thanks to your input last week.

    Year 5 parent, Amersham (2014)

  • My son did a week long course and a mock exam. The course (despite being during lockdown) was very well organised. The whole experience left my son confident going into the exam that he had done more than enough to pass, which he did comfortably.

    Year 6 parent, Berkhamsted (2020)

  • Hi, thank you very much, that your mock exams were really helpful, my son had a good score he had 137.

    Year 6 parent, Luton (2021)

  • Thank you very much for marking and returning his mock test so quickly, and for the useful answer booklet you have emailed us. We will find it very helpful to go through the paper with him. I would like to say a big thank you for the course last week. As I mentioned when we booked, my son is a fairly shy boy and is not very confident with new people or in new situations. I was delighted to see him relaxed and happy after every session he did with Sarah, and he commented afterwards that it was fun as well as hard work. It is not an easy balance to achieve, so thank you for your thoughtful approach. It was a huge relief to see him being encouraged in such a friendly manner, as the last thing we wanted was to put undue pressure on him – that is why we chose your course, having had a good experience with our older son three years ago. The advice you have given us is very useful, and I would be grateful if you could pass this message on to Sarah as well, so she can see that we are grateful for her work with him.

    Year 5 parent, Tylers Green (2017)

  • Luke is enjoying relaxing after the 11+.  He did really well with a score of 152.  Thanks so much for all the input.  The term-time and summer courses were really useful.  He is really goal-driven and so having points and prizes to work towards really helped.  As were the mock exams, which allowed him to get a feel for the timing and experience of sitting an exam under pressure.  Thanks also to the fantastic tutor Sarah.

    Year 6 parent, Amersham (2021)

  • Thank you very much for the quick feedback on the mock test and detailed explanation for the incorrect answers.

    Year 5 parent, Stoke Poges (2019)

  • I am very pleased to let you know that Houda passed the 11+! Thank you so much for your advice about her mock exam - you gave her confidence (and all of us!) to believe that she could do it! I will be sending my son to your tuition next year.

    Year 6 parent, Harrow (2019)

  • I’m delighted to say that Connie passed her 11+ with a score of 167. Thank you very much for your contribution to that. We opted for your week long holiday course to kick start the ‘back to work’ moment. The structure and games that made up the classes plus completing the week with a mock were a great start to that process, just the right tone and content. In addition she chose to come to your one off Saturday class just before the exam on the Thursday and this too helped her with techniques for managing exam stress. Many thanks again and all the best for 2016.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2015)

  • I’d like to update you that Devkrish was successfully offered a place at the Royal Grammar School (first choice). He did attend a couple of your summer courses and mock exams which he found very useful. He enjoyed the sessions organised for the mock exams. Devkrish looks forward to excel in an academic environment. Thanks a lot.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • Thank you for the feedback.  It was an excellent experience for us.  We live abroad (in Senegal) and it's the first time Miaka has had the opportunity to sit/prepare for a mock exam. We are actually on our way back to Senegal and will only be back to sit the exam.

    Year 5 parent, Senegal (2019)

  • Anya enjoyed the classes she attended this week and we are pleased with how well she applied herself. She is very happy with the results of the mock test, especially as she wasn’t too thrilled about sitting the test on her birthday!

    Year 5 parent, Iver (2015)

  • Thank you for sending the results of his mock test along with all the other information which we found very useful. He had a great week at summer school and we are really pleased with his results.

    Year 5 parent, Stoke Poges (2018)

  • He did very well in both the Bucks (140) and the Herts (237) Tests. Many thanks to you and your fantastic tutors for all the support and feedback. He attended your year 5 course, summer course and 2 mock tests and really improved over the last year. Things that were particularly helpful about your course: strong focus on vocabulary starting before the course had even begun, structured homework, rewarding them for their effort with the points and prizes system, regular testing so we could understand where our child’s weaknesses were and lots of question practice for technique. We look forward to seeing you again with our younger son.

    Year 6 parent, Chalfont St Giles (2019)

  • She could not stop talking about it! I think writing the mock exams is bringing the reality of the exams to her mind.

    Year 5 parent, Taplow (2021)

  • Our daughter studied with Marie Redmond from November last year and passed her 11+ exam this September. Due to Coronavirus we went for online tuitions, which was very convenient and just as good as face to face lessons. My daughter's teacher Anne was very professional, encouraging and helpful. We have had numerous books and exam materials posted to us by the staff, as well as small rewards and cards with encouraging words. During the summer we signed up for the intensive course and the mock exam, which was taught in Amersham. The whole experience was very positive. My daughter's confidence was boosted hugely and she felt very sure when she took the exam, which was the best mental state we could have wished for. She now enjoys her last year at primary school with reasonable ease because she has massively improved in maths. We can't thank M. E. T. enough for their excellent teaching, help and support. My son will be signing up in a few years time. Hopefully remote lessons will still be available as it's the best way in my opinion.

    Year 6 parent, Aylesbury (2021)

  • Thank you very much for her mock exam results. The results were encouraging and she enjoyed the 11 plus summer course with Sarah last week.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • Thank you for the feedback from the summer course. Your email was very reassuring and very much appreciated! Kirsten feels so much happier about the 11+ now that she’s done the mock exam, and sailed through the refresher course on Saturday. She says she’s not worried about it at all now which is a huge relief for us. Having the mock exam as part of the summer course was hugely beneficial for Kirsten because she now knows what to expect and also that she can do it. It has given her a much needed boost to her confidence. Kirsten really liked having Mandy as her tutor for the summer term and was pleased that she also taught the summer course. We are very grateful for Mandy’s tuition.

    Year 5 parent, Wooburn Green (2021)

  • Thank you for hosting the mock exam on Saturday.  Hyder enjoyed the experience and was pleased with his scores.

    Year 6 parent, Chartridge (2020)

  • I am pleased to say she did very well. She scored 145. The mock exam at the end of your course made me realise how under prepared she was. I always knew she had it in her, she just needed to practice and familiarise herself with the format of the questions. All the best and thank you

    Year 5 parent, Stoke Poges (2016)

  • Thanks to you and the team and especially Sarah who’s been Will’s main teacher. We’ve been really impressed with the quality of the set up you have, the teaching and the overall tone. We are glad we moved him to a more structured learning environment. He has thrived and done very well in recent assessment and mocks. He’s anxious as you’d expect but has worked hard and couldn’t be better prepared, so what will be will be now!!

    Year 6 parent, Little Kingshill (2020)

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