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With a proven track record in preparing pupils for the 11 Plus, Marie Redmond MEd and her team of exceptional, fully qualified and experienced primary teachers (not ‘tutors’) provide specialist tuition focused on your child’s individual learning needs.

Our unique 11 Plus courses in Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chalfont St Peter, High Wycombe, Reading and Stoke Poges are structured to give children the confidence they need to sit and pass exams in a friendly, stress-free environment.

Introduction to the Buckinghamshire Transfer Test (Bucks 11 Plus)

To apply for a place at a Buckinghamshire grammar school (including Beaconsfield High School), your child will need to pass the Buckinghamshire Transfer Test (11 Plus exam). The Buckinghamshire test is provided by GL Assessment and the pass mark is 121. Children born between 1st September 2010 and 31st August 2011 will take the exam on 9th September 2021 to secure a Buckinghamshire grammar place for September 2022.


What does the Bucks 11 Plus include?

The GL exam consists of two papers, taken on the same day, each approximately 45 minutes in duration and testing three areas – verbal, mathematical and non-verbal reasoning skills. The first paper tests verbal skills, including comprehension, English technical and verbal reasoning. The second paper tests non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and maths. All questions on both papers are multiple choice and pupils indicate their answers on a separate answer sheet.

What does the Bucks 11 Plus look like?

A Familiarisation booklet, produced by GL Assessment, contains information about the content of the tests, some advice about taking the tests and a few sample questions. You can see the most recent booklet here >

You can also find example papers on the website of GL Assessment.

How do I register my child for the Bucks 11 Plus Transfer Test?
  • You do not need to register your child if they attend a Buckinghamshire Local Authority primary school.
  • If your child goes to a Partner School or a school in another Local Authority area, you will need to register with the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Admissions Team.
  • Registration for the 2021 exam opens at 3pm on 4th May 2021 and closes at 3pm on 24th June 2021.
  • For more information about the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus, visit the Buckinghamshire County Council website, or contact the Buckinghamshire County Council Admissions team here.

What is required to pass the Bucks 11 Plus and help secure a place at Beaconsfield High School?

Verbal skills (50% of the mark)

  • Comprehension
  • Verbal reasoning (the production of words, relationships between words, letters and numbers)
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

Mathematical skills (25% of the mark)

  • Basic skills (addition, multiplication, division and subtraction)
  • Mental maths development
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Extracting information from graphs and tables
  • Averages
  • Foundation algebra concepts
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Area and volume
  • 2d and 3d shapes

Non-verbal skills (25% of the mark)

  • Spatial awareness
  • Logical deduction skills
  • Mathematical concepts such as symmetry, rotation and reflection
  • Identifying relationships, similarities and differences between figures
  • Identifying sequences between shapes

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® 11+ Resources

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® 11+ Verbal Reasoning BookWe are excited to introduce our exclusive range of Superbrain® resources. Using the knowledge gained during her ten years of preparing students for the 11+ and independent school entrance exams, Marie Redmond MEd has written a range of instructional verbal reasoning books. The books will be provided exclusively to Year 5 students attending our Easter and summer holiday courses from 2021, as well as those enrolled on our Year 5 term-time courses starting this September. Our range of books will be expanding over the academic year and Superbrain® vocabulary cards will be given to all our students from September. The entire range of Superbrain® books are exclusive to students of Marie Redmond Tuition.

11+ Mock Exams With Marie Redmond 11+ Intelligent Video Learning®

Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Mock Exams for entrance to Wycombe High SchoolGet exam ready with Marie Redmond Tuition® GL Assessment-style Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Mock Exams. Students who sat our Buckinghamshire mock exams in 2020 said they were very similar to the actual test, which made them feel prepared and confident when sitting the exam.

Our courses are led by qualified primary teachers and prepare pupils for all aspects of the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus

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Feedback from Beaconsfield parents

  • He passed the exam, (and not a bad effort!) and will be allocated a space at grammar school which we are delighted about. Thank you and your team for your support during the 11+.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • He passed! Thank you for all your hard work with the groups. Couldn’t have done it without tuition for sure. We are very pleased.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • She passed with a score of 136 so a good result!

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • I’m pleased to say that he passed. Thanks for all your teams help.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • Thanks very much Marie for your excellent management of the situation this last term. Chloe’s school haven’t been great regarding home learning, and having her tuition work to continue with has provided much needed structure in her efforts to continue learning. While we’re very keen to get Chloe back into the classroom lessons, the zoom calls have been a well run and efficient substitute while this was impossible.

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2020)

  • Thank you very much for her mock exam results. The results were encouraging and she enjoyed the 11 plus summer course with Sarah last week.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • I’m delighted to say that Connie passed her 11+ with a score of 167. Thank you very much for your contribution to that. We opted for your week long holiday course to kick start the ‘back to work’ moment. The structure and games that made up the classes plus completing the week with a mock were a great start to that process, just the right tone and content. In addition she chose to come to your one off Saturday class just before the exam on the Thursday and this too helped her with techniques for managing exam stress. Many thanks again and all the best for 2016.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2015)

  • Just wanted to let you know that Oli passed and he is very pleased with the result. Thanks for all your help and support.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2020)

  • She passed! She scored a 127 and was very happy (and proud) for her results. Thank you for all of your help in preparing!

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2020)

  • He did very well passed both Bucks and Berks. Thanks.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • I am very pleased to write that my daughter, who attended your Easter and Summer revision courses, was successful in her Bucks 11+ exam.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • This is a special thank you for all your efforts with them. They both passed their 11 plus with super scores! 143 and 150 respectively.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • I really appreciate getting data like this – it’s extremely useful and good to see that he is tracking well so far. He is actually really enjoying the lessons, more than I thought he would so the teacher is clearly doing a great job. The homework regime is also proving really helpful in terms of structuring the time I spend with him and understanding more directly where his strengths and weaknesses are.

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • Connie enjoyed the summer school course. She was very happy to come in every day and seemed relaxed whilst also enjoying the work. Please pass on our thanks to the teacher for her work with Connie and her cheerful kindness throughout. It was very much appreciated.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2015)

  • Dear Marie, I am just wanting to email to say thank you to both you and Sinead for the support you gave to my daughter Elsa during her 4 afternoon sessions with Sinead during the October half term at Beaconsfield. Elsa has said she found the sessions really helpful to pull together her learning from the familiarisation work she had done at home previously. Elsa has also said she really enjoyed the sessions, which is so key to learning! Elsa comfortably passed her 11+ test, and is rightly proud of herself. Thank you again, and all the best for a great 2021!

    Year 6 parent, Wendover (2020)

  • William is settling nicely in year 6. We’re delighted that he passed his 11+ with a fantastically high score! Thanks for your support and I hope we’ll be as successful with our daughter.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • Hi Marie, Oliver has “qualified for a Buckinghamshire grammar school”! We are very happy indeed. Please convey our thanks to Anne. His score was 130.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • I’d like to update you that Devkrish was successfully offered a place at the Royal Grammar School (first choice). He did attend a couple of your summer courses and mock exams which he found very useful. He enjoyed the sessions organised for the mock exams. Devkrish looks forward to excel in an academic environment. Thanks a lot.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • I am pleased to report that Freddie passed, albeit by the skin of his teeth, with a score of 122! Please pass on my thanks to Anne for all her hard work with Freddie last year.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • I would like to let you know that for Christian out of all his academic activities, tuition is his favourite!

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • He has had a fabulous year 4 and we would like to thank you and Anne for all the hard work and effort. He is already looking forward to Year 5 lessons. Hope you all have a lovely summer break!

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • Ben attended the summer school last week with Anne in Beaconsfield and found it very helpful. We received his test results today and are pleased that he has made good progress.

    Year 5 parent, Chalfont St Peter (2017)

  • We are happy to say that Finley passed (quite comfortably). Finley did say that he thinks it would have been a different experience going into the test without all the preparation through tuition.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • We are delighted that he passed the 11+ so he is looking forward to joining his big brother at RGS next year assuming the school place allocation goes as expected! Thanks for your help and please pass our thanks onto Sinead too.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • Thanks for the hard work with her this year and Laila is looking forward to getting back into it in September :-)

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • He passed with flying colours. We were very pleased with his results as was he.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • Thanks a lot for your support. Eva enjoyed the lessons!

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • Kaiya enjoyed her lesson and is looking forward to going again on Wednesday, which is good.

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • I wanted to just let you know that Jake really enjoyed his first session last week and seems motivated to complete the homework.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2015)

  • Like many parents we are also anxious but we just wanted to say thank you for all your reminders and  keeping the classes open until the actual test itself!

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2020)

  • I think he has taken really well to the sessions and I look forward to him continuing with them to give him the support he needs to achieve his full potential. I am delighted with Daniel’s progress.

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • Thank you, Polly really enjoyed the lesson today.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2015)

  • Devkrish has enjoyed and found it beneficial attending your courses at Beaconsfield. He looks forward to attending one more summer holiday week course at Beaconsfield and the refresher lesson to follow also at Beaconsfield.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • Thank you to you and to Anne for everything this year; whatever the outcome will be we're proud of our boy for applying himself and are grateful for Anne's patience and hard work with the group. It has been good training for future tests.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • Edward attended your 11 plus course (Bucks GL) in Beaconsfield over the Easter Holidays and found it very informative and fun! I would like to book him on another course during the summer holidays.

    Year 5 parent, Chinnor (2019)

  • I think that the intense week of tutoring really helped.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • I just wanted to let you know that our son passed the 11+, and would like to ask you to pass our gratitude to Sarah (the teacher in Beaconsfield on Saturdays). We think that she was a wonderful teacher to him!

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • Thanks very much for this last year. Your classes are very organised as always and she comes home happy despite the hard work. Your hard work is much appreciated.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • Hi Marie, a very big thank you to you and your staff in preparing Rohan (Beaconsfield Sat 930am class) for his 11 Plus. He passed the Bucks test with a score of 131. The tuition course was well structured and organised with prompt replies to emails. A very positive first experience of going through the 11 Plus process. We will be in touch soon to prepare our two younger children.

    Year 5 parent, Ickenham (2018)

  • She passed the 11+ exam with a score of 138. She’s really looking forward to joining her sister at Beaconsfield High School next year. Our thanks to you and her tutors for helping her achieve this.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2019)

  • Hi Marie – she Passed! Thanks for the support for the last year and a half – really paid off.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2018)

  • First of all I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work especially during the COVID period to keep the tuition going for Sophie. She has made tremendous progress this year. We would love to keep in touch as her brother is only two years away from Year 4 and we certainly are convinced it has been game changing for Sophie this year.

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2020)

  • Please pass on my thanks to Anne as she is lovely and I am really impressed with the work that you all do!

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2021)

  • The tuition really helped our son to develop the skills and knowledge required for the 11plus. The weekly sessions kept him focused and interested for the whole of year 5.

    Year 6 parent, Beaconsfield (2020)

  • I am delighted with Daniel’s results and I know that he will be too! So that you know, when we had Daniel’s end of term parents evening and last Progress Test reports from school, we were told that Daniel had made ‘much higher than expected progress’ in Maths and English since last taking the tests in 2016. I do credit Daniel for this of course, but I also want to say that I firmly believe that your tuition has also helped him to achieve these levels. Please pass on my thanks to his tutor, and let’s hope that he keeps up the good work.

    Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • Mia is really enjoying the course this week. She was actually keen to join you next week too.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (Summer 2016)

  • I thought you’d like to know that he passed his 11plus – not with a whopping score but a pass is a pass. We are dead chuffed! Thank you for all your help.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2017)

  • Harvey enjoyed the first lesson – very impressed and looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • Just a quick note to tell you that Polly passed with a score of 139. Please thank Sarah and I appreciate all you did for Polly, especially moving the lessons around for her activity schedule and my work hours! We are delighted. I hope you have a good result throughout your classes.

    Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

  • Edward attended one of your week long summer courses in Beaconsfield. I thought that you would be interested to know that he passed with a score of 142. Phew! Thank you so much for your help with his preparation, and for sending him a good luck card in the post.

    Year 6 parent, Bledlow (2019)

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