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Tuition FAQs

Is the 11 Plus 'tutor proof'?

No. We attended Buckinghamshire County Council’s Education Select Committee meeting at County Hall in Aylesbury on 19th November 2014, where Philip Wayne, at the time Chairman of The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (and now headteacher of The Royal Grammar School) said:

  • “We can’t stop people having their children tutored… I have never said it is tutor proof – I get very cross when I see that said by newspapers and campaign groups.”
Does my child need tuition?

Competition for grammar school places is fierce, which is why more children than ever are having tuition before sitting the 11 Plus exam. We’ll give your child the best possible chance of securing a place, by taking the time to get to know them and understand the learning techniques that work best for them.

When should my child start tuition?

It depends on their current ability and how much support you feel they need. Most children start preparing for the 11 Plus in Year 5 – but some parents choose to start in Year 4. If you’re not sure when your child should start, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to advise.

Why choose Marie Redmond Tuition?

Marie and her team of first-class, fully qualified primary teachers deliver lessons that are interactive and challenging, with an element of fun to keep your child engaged in the right way. We believe strongly that preparing your child mentally for sitting the exam is also a key part of their success – which is why we also work hard to build confidence and exposure to exam conditions.

With extensive experience of preparing children for the 11 Plus and teaching the curriculum in local schools, as well as preparing your child for exam conditions, we offer a winning combination.

Are all of your team qualified teachers?

Yes. All members of our team are fully qualified primary teachers with extensive experience of 11 Plus preparation.

Do you use teaching assistants?

No. All of our 11 Plus tutors are qualified and experienced primary teachers.

What are your class sizes?

Our classes are limited to ten pupils (nearly half the size of most independent school classes). This ensures that our pupils receive valuable one-to-one attention with the teacher.

Discover the proven benefits of small class sizes.

Will my child enjoy taking lessons outside of school?

We incorporate educational games and activities so that children enjoy their lessons and remain engaged throughout.

The following parents emailed us to say how much their children enjoyed our lessons:

  • “Jon is enjoying his sessions thoroughly and is looking forward to continuing them next year too.” (Year 4 parent, Chesham, 2017)
  • “I would like to let you know that for Christian out of all his academic activities, tuition is his favourite!” (Year 4 parent, Beaconsfield, 2017)
  • “Please can you forward our comments to Anne, as our son thinks she is a very good tutor and enjoys her classes. He enjoyed the classes so much, that he invited his friends to join. His friends have now joined and attend the same class as him.” (Year 5 parent, Farnham Common, 2016)
  • “Naveen really enjoyed her first lesson last week with Anne. Naveen was a little apprehensive going into class to begin with and did actually take me in with her! However, once I left and came to collect her she said she really enjoyed her session and liked Anne. I would also like to mention that Naveen came out of her first class beaming and once home said she loved having a tutor like Anne. And then decided she was very lucky to have a tutor. So a really big thank you from me.” (Year 4 parent, Farnham Common, 2016)
  • “I wanted to just let you know that Jake really enjoyed his first session last week and seems motivated to complete the homework.” (Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield, 2015)
  • “Rachel enjoyed her class yesterday and also commented on what a lovely teacher she had which is great.” (Year 5 parent, Chalfont St Peter, 2015)
  • “He really enjoyed his first lesson last week and has even enjoyed doing his homework.” (Year 5 parent, Gerrards Cross, 2015)
  • “The girls really enjoyed their first lesson ….so all good.” (Year 5 parent, Chalfont St Peter, 2015)
  • “We (the queue of waiting parents on the stairs at 2pm) were all worried that our kids would hate us for making them work on a Saturday, but as far as Harry was concerned, he, and I quote, “loved it, it was great fun” .. he was bouncing around in the car on the way home. So smiles all round, thank you.” (Year 4 parent, Ivinghoe, 2014)
  • “Many thanks for forwarding Joe’s results. Both Wednesdays he has returned from your sessions full of enthusiasm and has really enjoyed the learning, so thank you very much – no mean feat!” (Year 5 parent, Princes Risborough, 2014)
  • “I believe that we have found the right place. Nathan cannot wait until Saturday morning, he absolutely loved your session and he didn’t even realise that he was there for two hours (that is so important to us).” (Year 4 parent, Gerrards Cross, 2014)

Visit our testimonials page to see what other parents have to say.

Does ability matter?

We welcome all levels of abilities – because we believe every child should have the same opportunities and can benefit from 11 Plus tuition.

All children complete an assessment when they first join one of our courses to give us an understanding of their current ability and the appropriate level of challenge they need. We then assess them twice each term – at half term and at the end of term.  This means that we can check they’ve achieved their individual targets and devise a Tuition Plan that suits their needs and challenges.

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