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  • Small class sizes with individual attention
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  • 11 Plus courses developed by Marie Redmond MEd and continually improved for the best results
  • An assessment of your child’s current level of ability
  • A personalised Tuition Plan detailing their specific targets
  • Regular progress reports, with two assessments per term
  • A challenging and supportive environment
  • Homework at the end of each class, with reviews of each topic in the following lesson
  • Competitive fees and flexible payment options
  • Full parental support
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Discover our 11 Plus courses

Introduction to the South West Hertfordshire School Admissions Consortium

There are eight partially selective schools in South West Hertfordshire and seven of these allocate a number of places on academic ability (Croxley Danes tests under music criteria only). Although the schools administer their 11+ test as a Consortium using the same test papers, each school has its own admissions criteria.

To apply under academic criterion, your child will need to take the SW Herts Consortium Test (otherwise known as the SW Herts 11 Plus exam). Children born between 1st September 2007 and 31st August 2008 will take the exam in September 2018 to apply for a South West Herts Consortium place for September 2019.

Is the academic test compulsory when applying to SW Herts Consortium Schools?

If your child is applying under academic criterion for any of the SW Herts Consortium Schools, they will need to take the academic test. If not applying under academic criterion, they will not need to sit the academic test, unless they apply to:

  • Bushey Meads – All applicants must sit the academic test, but no minimum score is required. The score is only used to allocate places as part of the school’s oversubscription criteria. However, children who attend Little Reddings Primary School and only wish to apply for Bushey Meads do not need to take the SW Herts Test.
  • Queens’ School – All applicants, even if they enter Queen’s through other criteria (including sibling criteria), will be asked to sit the test. The school uses scores to measure the ability of its intake and achieve a good distribution of ability in form groups and teaching groups.

What does the SW Herts Consortium Test include?

The SW Herts Consortium Test consists of two papers with a short break in between:

  • Mathematics (50 minutes) by GL Assessment with 50 questions based on Key Stage 2 curriculum. The paper is in ‘standard’ format, not ‘multiple choice’.
  • Verbal Reasoning (60 minutes) by CEM, with timed sections and a mix of multiple-choice and standard format questions.

Marie Redmond Tuition courses prepare pupils for all aspects of the SW Herts Consortium 11 Plus Test, along with the necessary exam techniques.

What is required to pass the South West Herts 11 Plus?

To pass, pupils must score well in both papers:


  • Basic skills (addition, multiplication,
    division and subtraction)
  • Mental maths development
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Extracting information from
    graphs and tables
  • Fractions and ratios
  • Foundation algebra concepts

Verbal Reasoning

  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar

What does the South West Herts 11 Plus look like?

The South West Herts Schools Consortium have made available familiarisation booklets for both parts of the academic test. The Verbal Reasoning Familiarisation Booklet, produced by the CEM, contains information about the content of the test, some advice about taking the test and a few sample questions. You can download the most recent version here. The Mathematics Familiarisation Paper, provided by The South West Herts School Consortium, contains six specimen questions. You can download the most recent version here.

How do I register my child for the 2018 SW Herts Consortium Test?

You will need to register on the SW Herts Schools Consortium website for your child to take the SW Herts 11 Plus Test. Although the dates have not been confirmed, online registrations will open in late April 2018 and close in mid June 2018. You will be notified of the location of your child’s test venue in early July 2018 and the exam will take place in early September 2018 at one of the Consortium schools. You can register your child only once and the venue of the test centre will be based on where you live, not on school preference.

What is the pass mark of the SW Herts Consortium 11 Plus academic test?

There is no pass mark for the academic test. Places are offered in accordance with each school’s admissions policy. Once parents have received their child’s test score, they can decide which school(s) they wish to apply to. As a guide, parents should compare their child’s 11+ score with the lowest scores which gained entry in the last three years. However, bear in mind that even if a child scores higher than the previous year’s lowest admission score, it does not guarantee them a space. The scores required in any given year will depend on how many children apply with a higher test score than them.

Below are the lowest scores which gained entry into the SW Herts Consortium schools for priority postcodes in the last three years. The lowest scores for entry in September 2018 (also known as the ‘cut-off scores’) will not be known until National Allocation Day on 1 March 2018.

School2017 entry2016 entry2015 entry
Bushey Meads School¹¹¹
Croxley Danes School²n/an/a
Parmiter's School228224253
Queens' School191197224
Rickmansworth School204207234
St Clement Danes School225219248
Watford Grammar School for Boys216220247
Watford Grammar School for Girls216215250

¹ All applicants to Bushey Meads must sit the academic test, but no minimum score is required.
² Croxley Danes tests under music criteria only.

When are the SW Herts 11 plus results announced?

The results for the 2017 SW Herts 11 plus were released on Monday 16th October 2017. The 2018 SW Herts Consortium Test results will be released in mid-October 2018 (the exact date is to be confirmed).

Can my child apply to any SW Herts Consortium School?

If your child sits the SW Herts Consortium test it does not necessarily mean they will be eligible to apply to any of the Consortium schools, as each school has its own admissions criteria. Read carefully through the criteria for any school to which you might be thinking of applying for your child.

When can I apply for a SW Herts Consortium school place for my child?

When you receive your child’s 11 Plus results in mid-October 2018, you will have until Wednesday 31st October 2018 to:

  • Submit your Common Application Form (CAF) to the Local Authority in which you live. If you live in Hertfordshire, you apply to Hertfordshire County Council. If you live outside Hertfordshire, you must apply to your own council.
  • Return your child’s School Application forms (also known as Supplemetary Information Form or ‘SIF’), directly to each of their preferred schools.

What are the SW Herts Consortium Schools admissions policies?

To view the admissions policies for SW Herts Consortium Schools, please click on the links below:

SchoolLocationGenderNumber of places
at Year 7
% of spaces available for aptitude
Bushey Meads SchoolBusheyMixed20010% technology
Croxley Danes SchoolCroxley GreenMixed18010% music
Parmiter's SchoolWatfordMixed20825% academic, 10% music
Queens' SchoolBusheyMixed26535% academic, 5% music, 5% sport
Rickmansworth SchoolCroxley GreenMixed19625% academic, 10% music
St Clement Danes SchoolChorleywoodMixed23810% academic, 10% music
Watford Grammar School for BoysWatfordBoys19625% academic, 10% music
Watford Grammar School for GirlsWatfordGirls18025% academic, 10% music

Feedback from parents

Information about the SW Herts 11 plus exam including results

Read more testimonials from parents of our pupils

I just wanted to let you know that Lucas got a 119 in the Slough consortium results today. We are very pleased of course. Many thanks to you, Sinead and your other staff. Your services provided us with a clear structure and support. Especially with us changing lessons due to family commitments.
Year 5 parent, Langley (2017)
Bisma had a great first session last Saturday at Stoke Poges – this was a real positive as she was very nervous at the start. I would also like to add that correspondence from yourself and your colleagues was informative and timely. The homework resources were well organised and we were able to find and use everything with ease – I especially liked the use of the purple folder containing that weeks homework. The small incentives used to motivate the children also worked a treat! Early days but a happy start.
Year 4 parent, Langley (2017)
Sara passed both the Slough and the Bucks 11+ exams – she is now hoping to go to Langley Grammar School 🙂 I will be asking Sara to send you a message herself over the next few days. In the mean time I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you and your team. Your efforts instilled self confidence in Sara and gave her the fine tuning in her skills that she needed to pass the 11+. You managed to do this in a non-stressful environment where, through innovative and imaginative techniques, learning was actually made fun unlike so many other tutors I have heard about. I would whole-heartedly endorse you to other parents who may be considering tuition for their children. Thanks again, I hope your other children enjoyed the same success that Sara had.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
Just to let you know that Sam passed his 11 plus exam. Thank you very much for your tuition. We will definitely be sending our daughter in 3 years time!!
Year 5 parent, Northwood (2017)
Adithi has passed her Bucks 11+ test. She found the Year 5 course immensely helpful and appreciated the support given throughout the course. Thank you for your all help.
Year 5 parent, Pinner (2016)
Inaaya got 124 in her bucks. We are pleased as we wanted the bucks one.
Year 5 parent, Ickenham (2016)
Josh did very well indeed. He got 140 for Bucks and 124 for Slough.
Year 5 parent, Ickenham (2014)
Daaniyal has passed his 11+ with a score of 131. Thank you so much for all your help and support.
Year 5 parent, Northwood (2014)