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  • Small class sizes with individual attention
  • A team of exceptional, fully qualified and experienced primary teachers
  • 11 Plus courses developed by Marie Redmond MEd and continually improved for the best results
  • An assessment of your child’s current level of ability
  • A personalised Tuition Plan detailing their specific targets
  • Regular progress reports, with two assessments per term
  • A challenging and supportive environment
  • Homework at the end of each class, with reviews of each topic in the following lesson
  • Competitive fees and flexible payment options
  • Full parental support
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Introduction to the Slough Consortium 11 Plus exam

To be eligible to apply for a place at a Slough grammar school (Herschel Grammar School, Langley Grammar School, St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School and Upton Court Grammar School), your child will need to pass the Slough Consortium 11 Plus exam. The Consortium operates a shared 11 Plus testing process with the four schools using the same test papers and common eligibility criteria for selection.

Children born between 1st September 2008 and 31st August 2009 will take the 11 Plus exam in September 2019 to be eligible to apply for a Slough Consortium grammar place for September 2020.

The Slough Consortium test is provided by Durham University’s Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring (CEM). The tests identify the top 30% of the cohort as eligible for consideration for entry to grammar school and the eligibility mark is 111.

What does the Slough Consortium 11 Plus exam include?

The Slough 11 Plus exam consists of two papers, taken on the same day, each 50 to 60 minutes in duration and testing three areas – verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning. All questions on both papers are multiple choice and pupils indicate their answers on a separate answer sheet.

What is required to pass the Slough Consortium 11 Plus?

To pass, pupils must score well in all sections of the exam:

Verbal Reasoning
(approx. 50% of the mark)

  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar

Numerical Reasoning
(approx. 30% of the mark)

  • Basic skills (addition, multiplication,
    division and subtraction)
  • Mental maths development
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Extracting information from
    graphs and tables
  • Fractions and ratios
  • Foundation algebra concepts

Non-verbal Reasoning
(approx. 20% of the mark)

  • Spatial awareness
  • Logical deduction skills
  • Mathematical concepts such as
    symmetry, rotation and reflection

What does the Slough Consortium 11 Plus exam look like?

A Familiarisation booklet, produced by the CEM, contains information about the content of the tests, some advice about taking the tests and a few sample questions. You can see the most recent booklet here >

How do I register my child for the 2018 Slough Consortium 11 Plus exam?

You need to register your child to take the Slough Consortium 11 Plus test. Online registration for the September 2019 exam will open at the beginning of May 2019 on the website of the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools and close in the middle of June 2019. The registration dates for the 2019 exam have yet to be confirmed.

The sole purpose of registration is to enable your son or daughter to sit the 11 Plus exam. The consortium will order one set of exam papers for them, therefore ensure that you complete the registration process once only.

What is the eligibility mark of the Slough 11 Plus?

By scoring 111 or more, your child will be eligible for consideration for a place at any Slough grammar school named on your Local Authority’s Common Application Form (CAF). However, this does not guarantee a place as the schools may be oversubscribed. Each school’s admissions policy will describe how places are allocated in the event of oversubscription.

When are the Slough Consortium 11 Plus results announced?

The results for the 2018 Slough 11 Plus will be released in the middle of October 2018 (no specific date has been provided by the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools).

When can I apply for a Slough grammar school place for my child?

When you receive your child’s 11 Plus results in mid-October 2018, you will have until Wednesday 31st October 2018 to submit your Common Application Form to your Local Authority. You can name up to 6 schools when you apply. School places for September 2019 will be confirmed on Friday 1st March 2019.

If you live outside Slough, you must apply through your own Local Authority – even if your child currently attends a Slough primary school.

What are the Slough Consortium grammar school admissions policies?

To discover more about the Slough Consortium grammar schools, please click on the links below:

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Discover our 11 Plus courses

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Feedback from parents

Read more testimonials from parents of our pupils

I just wanted to write a little email to thank Anne and yourself for Simran’s smooth transition into 11+ tutoring. Simran is quite shy when in new surroundings however she has come out of each lesson so far with a beaming smile and very relaxed. She is finding the lessons very enjoyable and has made good progress in a short time. She has always feared any work related to Maths, however is now starting to enjoy it and eager to learn more. Its the first piece of homework she selects 🙂
Year 4 parent, Langley (2017)
I am so pleased that we took the time to make the right and best choice in choosing you for his tutoring. It’s was a big decision for me as you know his school gives a great deal of daily homework and I needed to make sure most importantly he is in an environment where is happy and looks forward to coming to each week – I believe this will aid to his success. I am delighted that Anne has made this possible with her professionalism and engagement with him in his first lesson. I was overwhelmed that he came out smiling and happy in-fact he was quite eager to go home and finish all his homework -which also surprised my husband!
Year 4 parent, Slough (2017)
I wanted to thank you for tutoring my son he really enjoyed your classes.
Year 5 parent, Iver (2017)
He passed his exams for Slough with 114 marks. Now applied for Herschel and hoping that he will get his first choice, in sha Allah. Thank you for your support, it really worked for him. May Allah reward you for all that.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2017)
Daniel did very well, he has got 142 in Buckinghamshire test, and 118 in Slough. Thank you for your contribution.
Year 5 parent, Iver (2017)
Please can you kindly let Anne know that Maria Hussain passed both Bucks & Slough 11+ test. Thank you for all your help. I can’t thank you both enough.
Year 5 parent, Denham (2017)
Aaliah achieved 119 in the slough paper and 135 in the Bucks paper and I’m super proud of her! I would like to thank yourself and Sinead for the support and tuition you have provided! I’m sure you will be delighted to hear this happy news and thank you for all your support and advice during what was a very stressful time!
Year 5 parent, Slough (2017)
Great news, she passed her 11 plus and she got 142. That is our fourth daughter to pass and third in three years!
Year 5 parent, Slough (2017)
Hi, my daughter went to Sinead’s class on Saturday 14:30 at Stoke Poges. We have received Slough and Bucks result and we are very pleased Megan passed both test Slough 122 and Bucks 136. Thank you all your support and guided us this journey. I am sure she will get her first choice of school. Please pass on this message to Sinead and say big thank you. I definitely think about my son to go to your tuition when he become year 5.
Year 5 parent, Hayes (2017)
I just wanted to update you as we have now received her results. Thankfully she achieved the Slough eligibility score. This should stand her in good stead for securing a place at Upton Court Grammar School which is her first choice. I am incredibly proud of her achievement given the significant health issues she has had to deal with alongside preparation for the exams. However, I also owe you and your team, including Anne, Sinead and Laura, a huge debt of gratitude for all your support over the last two years. I have especially appreciated your support over recent months when I have sent you messages and you have always responded promptly and offered advice even though you have been out of the office/ busy yourself. I shall definitely be recommending your tuition centre to anybody who asks. She has always enjoyed attending classes and doing the homework and never saw it as a chore or burden which I was really pleased to see. She remained motivated throughout and always commented about how much she liked the teaching style which included lots of games rather than endless book based exercises. Thank you so much.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2017)
I just wanted to let you know that Lucas got a 119 in the Slough consortium results today. We are very pleased of course. Many thanks to you, Sinead and your other staff. Your services provided us with a clear structure and support. Especially with us changing lessons due to family commitments.
Year 5 parent, Langley (2017)
Bisma had a great first session last Saturday at Stoke Poges – this was a real positive as she was very nervous at the start. I would also like to add that correspondence from yourself and your colleagues was informative and timely. The homework resources were well organised and we were able to find and use everything with ease – I especially liked the use of the purple folder containing that weeks homework. The small incentives used to motivate the children also worked a treat! Early days but a happy start.
Year 4 parent, Langley (2017)
I received Aaliah’s mock paper results in the post today and I am thrilled with her result of 81%! I just hope it means she will be confident and do well in the real exam!
Year 5 parent, Slough (2017)
He really enjoys going to Sinead’s class and seems to be making friends 🙂
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
She did really well and passed both the Bucks and Slough 11+ tests – so she is delighted. Many thanks to your tutors for all their help and pre-exam advice.
Year 5 parent, West Drayton (2016)
Marie, he passed! Thank god!! So pleased! Thank you to you and Sarah.
Year 5 parent, Iver (2016)
He passed both Bucks and Slough 11plus exams with a high score. We will find out which grammar school he goes to in March next year. Many thanks to you and to all the teachers for their support.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
Sara passed both the Slough and the Bucks 11+ exams – she is now hoping to go to Langley Grammar School 🙂 I will be asking Sara to send you a message herself over the next few days. In the mean time I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you and your team. Your efforts instilled self confidence in Sara and gave her the fine tuning in her skills that she needed to pass the 11+. You managed to do this in a non-stressful environment where, through innovative and imaginative techniques, learning was actually made fun unlike so many other tutors I have heard about. I would whole-heartedly endorse you to other parents who may be considering tuition for their children. Thanks again, I hope your other children enjoyed the same success that Sara had.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
Just to say, Abi passed the Slough 11+ test with a score of 118 (one point more than Maddy in 2014!!). She is delighted and I would like to say a massive thank you to you and the whole team for your help, support and encouragement for Abi throughout her preparation. We have been very fortunate to have found you for both Abi and Maddy (in previous years). Thank you for all your help and wishing you the very best of continued success in the future.
Year 5 parent, Windsor (2016)
Maryam has passed her bucks 11 plus with a very good score of 164. She scored 130 in the slough test with 138 as the highest score achieved in the exam. Just wanted to say thank you from all of us. Please pass our thanks to her teacher.
Year 5 parent, Downley (2016)
Hi Marie. I wanted to give you the good news that Alina achieved 116 in the Slough 11+ test. Thank you for your hard work and commitment and that of the other teachers.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
Ron got 111 score for the exam. Relieved that he qualified and he has realistic chances in St. Bernards. Ron learnt some tricks and methods for solving problems quicker and intuitively from your classes.
Year 5 parent, Cambridge (2016)
As Sara strode into the exam hall this morning, chatting to her friends, I stood at the gate thinking about everything that has led up to this D-Day. I just wanted to say thank you for the huge part you and your team have played in her preparation and developing her confidence. I hope to be sharing some good news with you next month – but in the mean time here’s some other good news… Sara was appointed head girl of Castleview School this week 🙂
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
Morgan is really taken with Catherine and feels she teaches things in a “really nice way”.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
Your course has been invaluable in allowing her to work with her peers, realising that it is normal to find 11+ work challenging, restoring her confidence and realising that hard work and persistence will win the day…”
Year 5 parent, Slough (2016)
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your time and support. My daughter Simran has got her results and did really well: Bucks – 170. Slough – 124. Could you please also let Anne know and thank her from us for tutoring Simran and making the lessons fun and interactive. Simran thoroughly enjoyed going each week.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2015)
He did really well – passed with 132 Bucks and 114 Slough.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2014)
Ali passed Bucks exam. He got 141. We are so happy. Thank you for all your help.
Year 5 parent, Slough (2014)