11 Plus Great Missenden Course

Our Saturday 11 Plus Great Missenden Course for Year 5 pupils takes place at Great Missenden Memorial Centre and prepares pupils for the Bucks 11 Plus Transfer Test (GL Assessment).

Conveniently located for residents of Great Missenden, Little Missenden, Hyde Heath, South Heath, Prestwood, Little Kingshill, Great Kingshill, Chesham, Ballinger, Chartridge, Holmer Green, Widmer End and Hazlemere.

  • Year 5: 9.30-11.30am

The 11 Plus Great Missenden course is divided into three terms and if your child misses the start of a term, they are welcome to join at a later date (subject to availability).

11 plus great missenden tuition

Why parents choose our 11 Plus Courses

  • Small class sizes with individual attention
  • A team of exceptional, fully qualified and experienced primary teachers
  • 11 Plus courses developed by Marie Redmond MEd and continually improved for the best results
  • An assessment of your child’s current level of ability
  • A personalised Tuition Plan detailing their specific targets
  • Regular progress reports, with two assessments per term
  • A challenging and supportive environment
  • Competitive fees and flexible payment options
  • Full parental support

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11 Plus Great Missenden Term Dates

Autumn Term 2018 Spring Term 2019 Summer Term 2019
Saturday 22nd SeptemberSaturday 12th JanuarySaturday 27th April
Saturday 29th SeptemberSaturday 19th January
Saturday 4th May
Saturday 6th October Saturday 26th January Saturday 11th May
Saturday 13th OctoberSaturday 2nd February Saturday 18th May
Half Term (no lesson)Saturday 9th FebruaryHalf Term (no lesson)
Half Term (no lesson)Half Term (no lesson)
Half Term (no lesson)
Saturday 3rd November Saturday 23rd FebruarySaturday 8th June
Saturday 10th November Saturday 2nd March
Saturday 15th June
Saturday 17th NovemberSaturday 9th MarchSaturday 22nd June
Saturday 24th November Saturday 16th MarchSaturday 29th June
Saturday 1st December Saturday 23rd MarchSaturday 6th July
Saturday 8th December Saturday 30th March
Saturday 13th July
Saturday 15th December
Easter Holidays:
2019 Easter Course
Saturday 20th July
Summer Holidays:
2019 Summer School
Year 5 Pre-exam refresher lesson:
Saturday 31st August

What you can expect for your child on our 11 Plus Course in Great Missenden

We develop pupils’ knowledge so they’re equipped to answer a broad range of challenging verbal, mathematical and non-verbal reasoning questions. In addition to their personal targets, time will be spent working on:


Verbal skills
(50% of the mark)

  • Comprehension
  • Verbal reasoning (vocabulary: the production of words, use of words and relationships between words)
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

Mathematical skills
(25% of the mark)

  • Basic skills (addition, multiplication,
    division and subtraction)
  • Mental maths development
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Extracting information from
    graphs and tables
  • Fractions and ratios
  • Foundation algebra concepts

Non-verbal skills
(25% of the mark)

  • Spatial awareness
  • Logical deduction skills
  • Mathematical concepts such as
    symmetry, rotation and reflection

Small class sizes

All our Great Missenden 11 Plus classes are limited in size which means that your child will have valuable one-to-one attention with their fully qualified teacher. Discover the proven benefits of small class sizes.


Your child is assessed twice during each team – at half term and at the end of term. This means that we can check they’ve achieved their individual targets and devise a Tuition Plan that suits their needs and challenges. We’ll share all assessment results and Tuition Plans with you and you’re more than welcome to discuss them with us.

Great Missenden 11 Plus Course Fees

Each two-hour lesson in Great Missenden costs £48. The course can be paid in monthly instalments or in advance with a 10% discount. For more information, please see our fees page.

11 Plus Holiday Courses

Our 3-day Easter Course takes place in Stoke Poges. Our 5-day Summer School takes place in Amersham, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Buckingham, Bushey and Stoke Poges. The holiday courses concentrate on exam techniques and skills gaps, with educational games playing an integral part so that children remain engaged throughout. The summer courses include a mock exam on the final day.

How to find our Great Missenden 11 Plus Tuition Centre

Great Missenden Memorial Centre is located on Link Road, Great Missenden.

Conveniently located for residents of Great Missenden, Little Missenden, Hyde Heath, South Heath, Prestwood, Little Kingshill, Great Kingshill, Chesham, Ballinger, Chartridge, Holmer Green, Widmer End and Hazlemere.

Great Missenden Memorial Centre, Link Road, Great Missenden, Bucks, HP16 9AE.

When you arrive
There is a free car park in front of Great Missenden Memorial Centre.


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What our pupils think

Feedback from parents

Read more testimonials from parents of our pupils

Jon is enjoying his sessions thoroughly and is looking forward to continuing them next year too.
Year 4 parent, Chesham (2017)
Just wanted to pass on our gratitude for helping our children Roshni and Harvir with their 11 plus tuition.
Year 5 and 4 parent, Great Kingshill (2016)
Katie passed the 11+ (143) and is very happy to be going to Wycombe High School with her best friend (only 3/30 from her class passed so I think the extra work on Maths during the summer and the revision courses were worth the effort!). Hoping her fellow students did well too.
Year 5 parent, Hazlemere (2016)
We are finding the course really good and Antoinette seems to have connected well with Sarah, who is one of her friends’ mothers so that’s worked out well. I’ll certainly recommend your course to anyone that asks.
Year 5 parent, Great Missenden (2015)
He passed his 11+ with a score of 163 – he is absolutely thrilled! Thanks for your help with him this year.
Year 5 parent, Little Kingshill (2015)
He has become more confident since starting the extra practice sessions with Anne and has moved up a few levels in maths at school. That has boosted his confidence.
Year 5 parent, Chesham (2015)
Thanks so much to you and Anne for this week, it is really helping Daniel to get back into the right frame of mind after weeks of playing!
Year 5 parent, Great Missenden (2014)
Daniel enjoyed his lesson with Anne – thanks so much. I could tell straightaway that Anne was completely professional, a different league!
Year 5 parent, Great Missenden (2014)
We have been really happy with the tutoring that Rory has received from you.
Year 5 parent, Prestwood (2014)
Hi Marie, just to let you know Isabel got through her 11 Plus with flying colours! She is so pleased after all her hard work. Thank you so much for all your help with her maths.
Year map5 parent, Chesham (2013)