11 Plus Amersham Courses

Our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon 11 Plus Amersham Courses for Year 5 pupils take place at Amersham Community Centre.

Tuesday course begins in January 2018.

Our Amersham Centre is conveniently located for residents of Amersham, Chesham, Little Missenden, Great Missenden, Little Chalfont, Chalfont St Giles and Chalfont St Peter.

  • Year 5: Mondays 4.45-6.45pm
  • Year 5: Tuesdays 4.45-6.45pm
  • Year 5: Wednesdays 4.45-6.45pm

The 11 Plus Amersham course is divided into three terms and if your child misses the start of a term, they are welcome to join at a later date (subject to availability).

11 plus amersham tuition

Why parents choose our 11 Plus Courses in Amersham

  • Small class sizes – limited to 8 pupils (half the size of most independent school classes)
  • A team of exceptional, fully qualified and experienced primary teachers
  • 11 Plus courses developed by Marie Redmond MEd and continually improved for the best results.
  • An assessment of your child’s current level of ability
  • A personalised Tuition Plan detailing their specific targets
  • Regular progress reports, with two assessments per term
  • A challenging and supportive environment
  • Homework at the end of each class, with reviews of each topic in the following lesson
  • Competitive fees and flexible payment options
  • Full parental support

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11 Plus Amersham Term Dates

Autumn Term 2017
Spring Term 2018
Summer Term 2018
Monday 25th September
Wednesday 27th September
Monday 8th January
Tuesday 9th January
Wednesday 10th January
Monday 23rd April
Tuesday 24th April
Wednesday 25th April
Monday 2nd October
Wednesday 4th October
Monday 15th January
Tuesday 16th January
Wednesday 17th January
Monday 30th April
Tuesday 1st May
Wednesday 2nd May
Monday 9th October
Wednesday 11th October
Monday 22nd January
Tuesday 23rd January
Wednesday 24th January
Tuesday 8th May in place of
usual Monday class due to
bank holiday

Tuesday 8th May (as normal)
Wednesday 9th May
Monday 16th October
Wednesday 18th October
Monday 29th January
Tuesday 30th January
Wednesday 31st January
Monday 14th May
Tuesday 15th May
Wednesday 16th May
Half Term (no lesson)Monday 5th February
Tuesday 6th February
Wednesday 7th February
Monday 21st May
Tuesday 22nd May
Wednesday 23rd May
Monday 30th October
Wednesday 1st November
Half Term (no lesson)Half Term (no lesson)
Monday 6th November
Wednesday 8th November
Monday 19th February
Tuesday 20th February
Wednesday 21st February
Monday 4th June
Tuesday 5th June
Wednesday 6th June
Monday 13th November
Wednesday 15th November
Monday 27th February
Tuesday 28th February
Wednesday 1st March
Monday 11th June
Tuesday 12th June
Wednesday 13th June
Monday 20th November
Wednesday 22nd November
Monday 5th March
Tuesday 6th March
Wednesday 7th March
Monday 18th June
Tuesday 19th June
Wednesday 20th June
Monday 27th November
Wednesday 29th November
Monday 12th March
Tuesday 13th March
Wednesday 14th March
Monday 25th June
Tuesday 26th June
Wednesday 27th June
Monday 4th December
Wednesday 6th December
Monday 19th March
Tuesday 20th March
Wednesday 21st March
Monday 2nd July
Tuesday 3rd July
Wednesday 4th July
Monday 11th December
Wednesday 13th December
Monday 26th March
Tuesday 27th March
Wednesday 28th March
Monday 9th July
Tuesday 10th July
Wednesday 11th July
Easter Holidays:
2018 Easter Course
Summer Holidays:
2018 Summer School
Year 5 Pre-exam refresher lesson:
Monday 3rd September
Tuesday 4th September
Wednesday 5th September

What you can expect for your child on our 11 Plus Course in Amersham

We develop pupils’ knowledge so they’re equipped to answer a broad range of challenging verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning questions. In addition to their personal targets, time will be spent working on:


Verbal Reasoning

  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar

Numerical Reasoning

  • Basic skills (addition, multiplication,
    division and subtraction)
  • Mental maths development
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Extracting information from
    graphs and tables
  • Fractions and ratios
  • Foundation algebra concepts

Non-verbal Reasoning

  • Spatial awareness
  • Logical deduction skills
  • Mathematical concepts such as
    symmetry, rotation and reflection

Class size

All our Amersham 11 Plus classes are limited to eight children (half the size of most independent school classes), which means they’ll have valuable one-to-one attention with the teacher. Discover the proven benefits of small class sizes.


Your child is assessed twice during each team – at half term and at the end of term. This means that we can check they’ve achieved their individual targets and devise a Tuition Plan that suits their needs and challenges. We’ll share all assessment results and Tuition Plans with you and you’re more than welcome to discuss them with us.

Amersham 11 Plus Course Fees

Each two-hour lesson in Amersham costs £48. The course can be paid in monthly instalments or in advance with a 10% discount. For more information, please see our fees page.

11 Plus Holiday Courses in Amersham

Our 3-day Easter Courses take place in Amersham and Stoke Poges. Our 5-day Summer School takes place in Amersham, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Earley, Harrow, Maidenhead, Stoke Poges and Tring. The holiday courses concentrate on exam techniques and skills gaps, with educational games playing an integral part so that children remain engaged throughout. The summer courses include a mock exam on the final day.

How to find our Amersham 11 Plus Tuition Centre

The Amersham Community Centre is located next to the Amersham Leisure Centre. Conveniently located for residents of Amersham, Chesham, Little Missenden, Great Missenden, Little Chalfont, Chalfont St Giles and Chalfont St Peter.

Amersham Community Centre, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham, HP6 5AH.

When you arrive
There are plenty of Pay & Display parking spaces outside the Community Centre.


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What our pupils think

Feedback from Amersham parents

Read more testimonials from parents of our pupils

She is making good progress and Sarah is an excellent teacher who seems to bring out the best in the children. Lily is enjoying the lessons and hopefully that bodes well for the run in to the exam itself. She is also learning a huge amount, which regardless will be of benefit in the future.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2016)
Hi Marie, she did really well and has passed. Her score was 157.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2016)
It’s all over and my daughter has passed. Thank you for a fantastic series of lessons…enjoyable throughout the whole year, fantastic motivating feedback following all tests and a firm but fair focus on areas for development.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2016)
Just to let you know that Teihani passed with a score of 132. We are thrilled and she is over the moon! Thanks for everything.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2016)
Cameron is very pleased with his results! Thank you for all your hard work with him and we shall see you in September.
Year 4 parent, Amersham (2016)
Lily is continuing to enjoy her tuition sessions and seems to be getting a good deal out of them.
Year 4 parent, Amersham (2016)
We are really pleased to be able to say that he passed and scored 124. We are so delighted and very grateful to you and your teaching.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
I am delighted to let you know that Harini passed her 11+ exam and has got a score of 142. Thank you very much for all your help. A big thank you to Anne as well.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
Hanfa passed with a score of 142. Very pleased with her result and thanks to Anne for all her effort.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
He passed and scored 141. It seems all the additional effort paid off in the end.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
Eleanor passed the exam and is now hoping to go to Chesham Grammar.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
Rui’s score is 154.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
Kayan passed with a score of 144. Many thanks to you for your support.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
At long last the 11+ is over!! I just wanted to say that whatever happens with the actual results, the work you have done with Ben has been fantastic. His results at school have transformed this year and he is now performing a year above where he should be across the board. For me, whether he passes/fails the exam – this is actually more important and I wanted to thank you.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
Many thanks for your help. Kayan thoroughly enjoyed his time with you. We will get in touch with you again when registering our second son for 11+ tutorials.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
Maheen enjoyed her experience on the Easter course, the positive reinforcement seemed to do the trick. She learned a lot from her experience and mentioned that she was able to get a lot of things right when it came to different subjects.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
He is really enjoying his classes with Anne on Monday in Amersham, so much so we would also like to book him on one of your holiday courses.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
Amy really enjoyed the Easter course last week and was sad when it was over on Thursday.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
I’m really pleased with her general progress. Thanks to you both for your help with her learning to date, she always enjoys her lessons and is never reluctant to go to class – which is a compliment to you both and your approach to making learning fun and interesting for her.
Year 4 parent, Amersham (2015)
I really could not be happier with the growth in Spencer’s confidence. I genuinely think it takes a lot of skill to make a child want to do extra homework.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
We’re very pleased with his progress so far, particularly in maths, and this should be a good boost to his confidence.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)
We are delighted to tell you that he got through with flying colours, so a big relief all round. Many thanks for your assistance.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2014)
Good news – he passed his 11 Plus with a score of 135. He is a happy and relieved boy.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2014)
She passed her 11 Plus and got 133. I am very pleased.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2014)
Morgan scored 153 in his Bucks 11+ and has qualified for Grammar. We are thrilled with his result and thank you for making the classes so enjoyable that he was happy to attend each week.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2014)
Thank you very much for the mock test results. He is delighted with the score, and his improvement too. We would like to thank you for the help you have given him. As you know, my main aim was for him to feel more confident and well prepared for the test, which he certainly is now – thanks to your input last week.
Year 5 parent, Amersham (2014)
We, and more importantly our children, are very happy with Marie; she is lovely. We have noticed a huge increase in their confidence and even their school teachers have commented on it. Thank you, we are very grateful.
Year 3 & 5 parent, Old Amersham (2012)